Bring More of Heaven to Earth.



A worldwide movement started by Antonio T. Smith Jr.

This movement is for everyone, believers or non-believers, regardless of race, creed or sexual preference. It’s time to show the world that we are one. Poor theology states that all of us would come together as one in the afterlife. However, that’s poor theology. True theology states that we have the power to come together as one, right now on planet earth with the power of the Holy Spirit. Tony is very clear in stating that you don’t have to agree with his Christian beliefs, neither do you have to believe that the Holy Spirit exists to be a part of this movement. what you must do without exception is to want mankind to come together in unity today not tomorrow and not only in the afterlife. We are one. Every man, every woman. We are one.

#BeHeaven is not a movement against hate but a movement for love. #BeHeaven is not a movement against racism but a movement for unity. This is not a movement against your sexual preference, but a movement for your rights to be connected with the all of us. This is a nonviolent, no hate movement. This movement is about love and the teachings of Jesus the Christ, regardless of where we come from and regardless of our religion. No longer will we allow Christians to be accused of being a people who are so focused on heaven that we abuse the earth and the people who live in it. We owe it to one another to love each other past our differences. Join this movement today. Let us #BeHeaven on Earth together.

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